I Am The Change I Seek – A Primer In Self-Realization

Meditating to achieve self-realization opens the mind to new thoughts that provoke you to delve deeply into aspects of your life that trouble you the most and which you most want to change. “I am the Change I Seek” is a mantra that opens one to a new consciousness of ideas that are simple, yet profound in the changes to ones life. It is a slow, yet deliberate awakening of the mind to new ideas that realize ones true potential as a human being and its ability to effect real change. To realize the mind on the whole of the Being — your physical body as it relates to the mind and spirit is a profound and difficult exercise in self-discovery that will inevitably lead one to the notion that each of us is unique, yet inextricably interdependent upon the collective. Autonomy of self is one experience in self-realization that creates independent thought and fulfills ones yearning for change.